TFS Preview - Part 2 (Adding Members, Access Issues)

One issue I ran into while playing around with the TFS Preview is connecting to a different TFS Preview account from Windows 8. I don’t think this would be an issue in Windows 7 but by having a Windows Live ID integrated with my windows 8 account TFS preview seems to always try to use that ID to authenticate and using ‘Choose different credentials’ doesn’t load properly. This prevented me from logging into ( when l’m logged into Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID associated to ( To overcome this problem after several failed attempts to choose different credentials I’ve decide to try adding my other Windows Live ID account – the one lined to Windows 8 – as a member on ( and that successfully allowed me to log on to (

To Add a new team member to TFS Preview you can follow the steps below.

1) Logon using the currently associated Live ID

2) Go to the manage members section and click add

3) Fill in the new member’s details

4) Logon as the new member

If anyone knows how I can force choosing a different credential in TFS Preview with Windows 8 please let me know!