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Visual Studio environment layout settings

While working in Visual Studio yesterday I accidentally hid the tabs that show the open files, and couldnt figure out how I did that or how to reverse it. With a bit of looking around in the Visual Studio menus (after failing to find an answer in google) it turns out that I changed the environment settings from Tabbed to MDI. To get this back to what it was the solution is, go to Tools->Options, click on Environment then General and select the tabbed option....

Whats happening with VS 2005?

For those who like to be upto date with tech news …etc like myself. I’ve come accross the VS 2005 news blog today, and decided it is worth adding to my Blogroll! 🙂 If you haven’t come accross it before… here’s the url:

Good bye 2000 and 2003, Hello 2005

Right, so for quite a while, I had VS 2002/2003 running along with SQL 2000 on my machine. Now, I have the DVD’s for both VS .NET 2005 and SQL Server 2005 which leaves me one step away from upgrading my machine ( I don’t have a DVD reader yet!). I expect to go buy one very soon in order to get myself setup for the future of Development!!...

Visual Studio .NET 2005 beta 2 and VSTS

Just received my copy of the Visual Studio .NET 2005 beta 2 and Visual Studio .NET Team System, cooool, been waiting for them for a while now. Time for some playing around… Will post my experiences soon....