More on GTalk

As I mentioned earlier hereI will continue updating my experiences using GTalk every now and then.

Now yesterday I ran into the most annoying thing in GTalk, this could put me off using GTalk for a loong while!

One of the features I find very handy in MSN Messenger is the option to save conversations. Now unless I am somewhat blind, GTalk doesnt seem to have this option, very very annoying!

I was in a conversation yesterday with someone and after the conversation ended, I wanted to check something from the conversation and bingo, it only keeps a history of the last few lines …. 🙁 🙁

Have I missed the option for this feature? Or is it really not there.

Also, Rodthis brings me an idea for the next version of AfterMail .

I guess IM’s are occassionally used for meetings … and perhaps the conversations can sometimes contain important info to the people of the meetings,so providedtheyhave an option to store conversations such as MSN ..etc, hmm…the rest you already know 🙂