A lap around the new Windows Azure Portal - Part 4

In Part 3 of the Windows Azure Portal Series I covered the Database tab of the new Windows Azure Portal.

This post will cover the next tab in the series.

Service Bus, Access Control & Caching


Creating a service Namespace


Viewing Access Control & Service Bus URLs & end-points


Viewing Access Keys


As you can see here from the screenshots above the portal has a very consistent interface layout across all its tabs and it’s much easier to use than the old one.

I was going to write up some detail in this post on how you can get started with the Azure Service Bus but before I got started i came across this Get Started with the Azure Service Bus video and it does a very good job explaining the steps. It also uses the old Windows Azure Portal so you can see from there the difference between the old and the new portal! I for sure wouldn?t want to use the old portal anymore!

For additional resources you can also check the Azure Learning material on Channel9