More on Live Search

It looks like Microsoft is building another search engine? or perhaps revamping Live Search, not sure.But I guess we’ll see.

I do have some thoughts about Live Search though and here they go. I don’t think the problem with Live Search is it’s algorithm or index or anything like that. I think it’s the culture around it!

Those of you who read my blog would know that I’ve covered Live Search a lot and I like to think that I took a close look at it. IMHO, Live Search isn’t lacking in features but it’s lacking a lot of support! It doesn’t seem to me that Live Search has had good coverage in the blogworld by MS bloggers which I find a bit interesting! The other thing works at a disadvantage to Live Search is it’s name! I can go and talk to some one and say I ‘googled’ blah blah, or they can say google this and this, but this wont work with Live Search, I cant go say I Live Searched this thing.. not easy to pronounce, same thing with yahoo, I don’t feel it’s very easy on the mouth!

Hereare some naming suggestions (which are not really that great but I think illustrate my idea)

MS Can buy mean the domain name and not the actual site)and name it’s search Windows Live Find, then when someone is trying to search for something they can go Find itand when they do they can say, I foundit …etc

Myother naming suggestion would be, Windows Live Locate,and using mean the domain name and not the actual site) then they can useLocateit…etc like I say in the find example. This could help MS substitute google as a search term… hence competewith the google culture.

Microsoft, I still love your search engine but you can do better, I hope you are listening!!!!