History of Microsoft: A trip down Memory Lane

31/7/2020 UPDATE

If you've found information in this post useful then you might also like the post A Brief History of Bill Gates: From Microsoft to Today which was kindly sent to me by Anna J. who's son was doing a project about Bill Gates and the start of Microsoft and came across my post!

Thanks Anna for sharing this link!

If you’re a software developer using the Microsoft development platforms you are probably either currently at the Microsoft Build 2014 conference or like me you might be just catching up on the conference content through the coverage and videos on Microsoft’s Channel 9. Last month Channel 9 turned 10 and while I was browsing the site for some content I stumbled across a set of interesting videos that cover the History of Microsoft from the year it was founded in 1975 all the way to the year 1999. Following all the stuff from the new Microsoft at the Build 2014 conference might be interesting, but how about a look back about how it all started? The videos on Channel 9 cover a lot of that, to make it easier to go through them I’ve grouped them all below in this post. Enjoy!

History of Microsoft

The Jeff Raikes Story

Part One, Part Two

Charles Simonyi (Word Pioneer)

Part One, Part Two

Inside the Microsoft Archives

Video One, Video Two