Windows Vista Shutdown Options

Here goes my first post in 2007. Happy New Year to you all.

I was recently reading this post on Joel Spolsky’s blog about the number of shutdown options available in Windows Vista. Even though they are quite a few and can be narrowed down like he suggests. I thinkI have a better idea!

I have been using Vista for almost a year now but for some reason I never thought about this. But for me I tend to shut down my computer most of the time if I’m not using it and to do so I always have to bring up the start menu point the arrow to the shut down option, and now I think this is a bit annoying because I hardly ever use the Sleep button or the Lock button which are available directly on the start menu without having to go the second step.

Now here’s my idea. It would be nice to be able to set a *default action *action on the sleep button that suits everyone’s needs and this way you can setup the button to do the action that most fits your needs using one step.

I’m quite sure that most people use one shutdown option regularly and the others less? So doing so would make me use the function I do regularly without having to click the arrow and see all options every time.

So Microsoft here is my suggestion, I would like to be able to do something like this, right click the sleep button, click a menu item that says set default action or something like that, and then choose the one that suits me. I think this way the problem that Spolsky mentioned of too many choices would be minimized and I would be able to shutdown my computer by clicking the button…