Windows Vista Issues...

It’s been a while since I last posted but here I am posting again. I’ve deliberately delayed posting till I get something done (which I still cant do) but now decided to post anyway.

I’ve been using Windows Vista now since build 5308 was out and as I mentioned in some of my previous posts I am generally very happy with my experiences. Recently I’ve tried to setup WinFX, VS 2005 …etc on Vista and here is where I am having some very annoying issues.

I can get WinFX working just fine on Vista but ASP.NET just doesnt like me, on build 5308 I failed several times to get IIS7 installed but after I installed build 5342 this has not been the issue and I ran into another problem. Windows Vista just wouldn’t allow me to run aspnet_regiis even if I am logged on as Administrator stating an access denied error – anyone know how to fix this?

Also, trying to build any ASP.NET app in VS on Vista always returns a ‘Error loading config file ….’

I was hoping to get all these sorted before I post, but I looks like this wont happen.

Any pointers appreciated.

And on a side note; I’ve recently started another blog on Geekzone which I aim to keep focused on security related topics so drop by there if you are interested in security stuff…