Windows Vista: First Impressions

I’ve been using Windows Vista for a few days and here are some first thoughtsI like the new interface a lot. The L&F is very nice (tho no aero for me).

– The way things work now makes it a lot easier to do things.
– If the changes on how you get things done are confusing, you can switch to classic view in some things such as the ‘control panel’. I was looking for something in the Vista view that at first was unable to find, then I found the option to switch to ‘classic view’ – Nice! It’s very handy to be able to do things both ways till you are used to the new ‘easier’ way of doing them.

– The replacement of the ‘File’ menu such as the case in IE with the new tab like menus is great! This change just seemed to make a lot of sense, not hard to transion – or so I found – even better if this frustrates you, you can still select the option of showing the file menu.

– The tabs in IE and the thumbnail view are amazing.

– Some sites still dont render correctly in IE though, I was however very disappointed that was one of those!!!

– The thing that frustrated me most was the search feature, this has been made much much much more easy that it’s too frurstrating… I tried several times to use wild cards in the search box but hmm… it seeems you cant, then was wondering so how do you get to a specific file …etc. It’s all in the menus available witht he search feature.

– I would have imagined you should still be able touse wild cards, but cant figure how yet.

More on Vista in later posts 🙂