Windows Live - Second Impressions

I previously blogged about my first impressions on Windows Live here

Well so far I’ve been very happy with it – kudos to the Windows Live team. The reason I like it so much is that it puts together several things that I do every day.

But what I would REALLY like to see made available (myWindows LiveChristmas wish list)is:

The ability to integrate any email accountto the page and not just Hotmail or Windows Live Mail Beta.

I really dont think this is very hard to achieve, and would love to be able to plug-in several email accounts into it.

The next other thing I wish would happen is Image Search, I occasionally find this feature very handy in Google when working on some projects and looking for specific images ..etc

So SeanI know you mentioned that you are trying to convince you’re family to have Windows Live as their homepage. Well here’s a promise from me, if any of the above features on my wish list become available, I promise to have as my homepage 🙂