Windows Live Search Macros

One of the othercool features that Windows Live Search hasthat I’ve been playing with lately is search macros, which allow you to create a sub search engine – the best way to explain this in my words – so basically enabling you to have a context or so for a search. Some of the things you can do is specify a list of sites for the search to work on and even use advanced search queries. Once a macro is defined you can then use this macro as the search engine and use that to search for what you want.

I guess the benefit of this is getting more specific results returned to what you are looking for.

One example I’ve tried is creating a macro to search auction and e-commerce shops sites such as TradeMe,Zillion and Ferrit ..etc

To create a macro, search for anything and then when the search bar appears above the results go here:

and then follow through.

I’m still not happy that the pageless search has been removed but displaying 50 results on the page kind of minimizes the need for me to click a page number anyway, so not so bad.