Windows Live Search and Google

As you can probably tell by now, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Windows Live generally lately as well as Windows Live Search specifically. This has actually got me thinking about Google again and back again to my Innovation and Creativity post.

As you would have read in that post, I mentioned thatI don’t like it whencompanies go out of what they do best to invest in offerings done by other companies and that I think there should always be new ideas …etc butacknowledged thatnew entrants help evolve existing products but here’s the question. Do they?

Now as you know I’ve been having a close look at Windows Live Search recently and I like it a lot, it even looks like it might be out of beta soon. The logo doesn’t have the word beta any more, there’s no news of that anywhere though.

So I went back to take a close look at Google Search, now we all know that this is their big thing, after all they are the best search engine in the world. Well they might be, but is it going to stay so? I wouldn’t be so sure about that, and here’s why. Unless there’s a secret Google search revamp project going somewhere. I thing Google has a problem, they are investing in areas which IMO are out of their mainservices – email,spreadsheets,IM’s ..etcand are forgetting their core service?

I personally am starting to slowly go away from Google. Windows Live Search is great for me and I use a lot of the other Windows Live offerings anyway, so it’s easier for me that way. So unless Google are doing something to renew their search engine, they could lose me!