Windows what I like about it and what I don't

Tim posted about saying why he ‘doesn’t’ like it here.

Here’s my take on the topic.

While Tim sees ‘no compelling reason’ to use it. I think I’ve found a few…

I do agree with Sean that it makes a great homepage; while this depends on how you customise it
here is why it works great for me. allowed me to group a lot of my online usage in one place; which saves space and memory!

Here’s how:

Every morning here are some of the things I tend to do online

– Check my email accounts
– Read blogs
– Read news from several news sites
– Check the weather
– View stock information
– Search for stuff online

Using live.comImanaged togroupmost ofthe above in one place.

And here’s why.I dont have to open Sauce Reader to read blogs;open news sites in several tabs/browser windowsto check latest news for each ..etc
I also dont have to open hotmail…

The advantage in the bit above that you get from live that I can see ‘parts’ of each section before I decide to read news so that if there’s nothing new; then I just wont read…

So overall it does reduce work by having things grouped.

The things I dont like about
– It’s slow; on broadband it takes more than a 5 or so seconds to load!
– The above become more of a problem with more usage! The more I like the more I’ll add stuff to it the slower it becomes 🙁
– I also dont like the current UI – The previous one (where you could customise border colours was much better IMO
– I REALLY would like to be able to access ANY email account I have through live and not just Hotmail.