Windows Live.Com fixed, Finally!

After being very annoyed by the Windows Live problem I reported in my previous post, I decided to go ahead and contact the Windows Live Support. And after exchanging about 6 emails with them my problem is FINALLY solved!

At first they suggested me resetting all my browser settings giving me all details on what to do …etc and try again. Which I did and didnt fix anything. So I email back saying it didnt work and then they email back suggesting that my account might need resetting which they do, that still didnt work so I email again. They reply saying the have transfered the problem to the product support team and require blah blah of information which I give them and then they reply saying thanks … and confirm they sent the problem to the product support team and FINALLY I get back an email saying that I should DELETE the ‘Add Content’ pane from my page and just use the ‘Add Stuff’ link at the top of the page. So I do this, and it WORKS, FINALLY!

Overall, I’m pleased with their attempts to help but I think it could have been a lot faster. So anyway my page is now rebuilt and is on my happy side again.

Oh and on a side note: Congrats to JD for winning this years blog of the year competition. Though it seems he can’t find any PC’s with internet connectivity at TechEd yet, see here for more! He hasn’t announced his win on his blog!