Welcome to 2008, 2008 Summer Road Trip

Hey everyone and welcome to 2008, so this is my first post of the year and I’ve deliberately delayed my first blogging so that I start blogging straight after the 2008RoadTrip here in Christchurch.

As you may know, Darryl, Jeremy and Chris have been doing a tour around the country (the road trip) with Chris and Jeremy presenting on SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 along with a local speaker covering Visual Studio 2008 and Darryl tagging along.

I think Chris and JB have done a fantastic job presenting despite Chris feeling a little unwell. Our very own Christopher Fairbairn also did a great job on his part. For me it was a bit interesting being an MC for an event that big and talking in front of over 150 or so people. It went ok though I think.

So with Christchurch now done Darryl, Chris and Jeremy still have Dunedin and Invercargill to go, you can still register for these here

The draw for the windows home servers will be done by Jeremy on the 5th of March so stay tuned!

Also as I mentioned yesterday our next user group meeting will be on the 27th of February and the topic for that is ASP.NET MVC presented by John-Daniel from Mindscape in Wellington.

Finally, thanks for all of you who made it to the eventdespite the bad weather yesterday. And a special thanks to Chris, JB, and Chris F for a fantastic presentation.

For some more pictures and more on yesterday see Darryl’s blog here.