Visual Studio Orcas new Web Designer

I read this morning on ScottGu’s blog about the new Visual Studio Web designer. It looks promising! I’ve always found the Visual Studio 2003 annoying especially when switching views… Visual Studio 2005’s designer is less annoying but still not perfect. So it’s about time we see the *Least Annoying – *this is going to be my word – expectation – on it till I try it ! :-).

Here’s a list of some of the new stuff in the designer taken from Scott’s blog.

  1. Split View Support (the ability to have both HTML Source and WYSIWYG design open simultaneously)
  2. Extremely rich CSS support (CSS property window, CSS inheritance viewer, CSS preview, and CSS manager)
  3. Dramatically improved view switching performance (moving from source->html design mode is now nearly instantaneous)
  4. Support for control designers within source view (property builders, event wire-up and wizards now work in source view)
  5. Richer ruler and layout support (better yet, values can be automatically stored in external CSS files)
  6. Designer support for nested master pages
    I look forward to playing with this when the CTP is out.