Visual Studio 2010 Recent Projects: Remove From List

One of the things that used to really annoy me in previous releases of Visual Studio is that you cannot remove items from your Recent Projects list. This can sometimes lead to you having some unwanted items in your recent projects list and the only way to remove them is to change the location of the solution and then try to open it and when Visual Studio doesn’t find it it will prompt you to remove it from the list. Annoying right?

Well in Visual Studio 2010 this is no longer a problem! From the Start Page you can right-click any project or solution from the Recent Projects list and then it’s gone as per the screen shot below.


Simple enhancement but very handy! Whilst you don’t get the same functionality out of the box in Visual Studio 2008 you can get a similar function by installing the PowerCommands For Visual Studio 2008 extension. Installing this extension will add a ?Clear Recent Project List’ menu option for the Recent Projects menu, and the same for the Recent Files menu as shown below.