RSS Feed Readers: What are people using?

I’ve been using Sauce Reader for reading all my feeds till now and I want to move on but can’t decide on what to use. What is everyone using out there.

The only 2 annoying things with Sauce Reader were it’s a desktop thing so cant read all my feeds from anywhere without my computer, and a few crashes every now and then, other than that, I really liked using it.

I know of several other replacements to Sauce Reader such as FeedDemon that I can try, but I was thinking of an online reader, and so far, I am not impressed with any.

Here are the ones I tried and my thoughts about them. : Can import my opml file and read feeds there but there are 3 problems.

1) Only partial content is shown

2)Can’t read comments on posts

3)to read more you have to popup a newwindow

BlogLines : Better than live .combut I don?t like the fact that

1) I don’t like the frame set, the frame divider is far too thick

2) Again can’t read comments on posts

*NewsGator Online : *Only tried the beta AJAX version of it. Better than the above two but

1) Seems a little bit slow

2) Again even though it does seem to have a comments section at the bottom it doesn’t seem to grab any feed comments!

Google Reader : Not impressive at all, well not to me anyway, but it seems a lot of peoplelike it out there. Problems:

1)I don’t like the UI, colours are just bad, consistent with GMail colours but used the wrong way around I think.

2) Comments, comments, comments, where are they, why areALL online readers I’ve tried missing comments.

Are online readers a bad idea? Is there anything better that I haven’t tried out?
It looks like I might give up the whole online RSS reader thing and just stick with something like FeedDemon.
If I have to choose from the above I would go for the NewsGator one, but still it feels like the best of the worst to me.