New features Windows Live Search

So Windows Live Search is now Live, and also has new features. I just noticed that there is now an “Only from New Zealand” checkbox that lets you localize the search. It’s good this has now been made avaialbe and surely enough I had to try it out.

So I decided to seach for myself and it looks like Windows Live Search knows best!

Searching for “Dan” using WLS with only NZ selected returns my blog as the no1 result (yay!) and if I search for “Daniel” on WLS search I also end up on the first page but I show on 5th. Not bad!

On Google searching for “Dan” finds my blog on the top of page three when NZ is selected.

Will try to play with the algorithm customization thing I blogged about earlier and see what that does to the results (not that I want to!) it’s good to be on page one.

The only annoying thing that I see after the release is renaming Windows Live TM Search to Live Search. I think it was better when all Windows Live pages had the Windows word in them rather than some having it and some not.