More on Vista

So far I’m very happy with my Vista experience, I’ve managed to installed WinFX and VS 2005 last night and everything went smoothly with no issues during setup. Will post more as I start playing with WinFX a bit.

One thing I didnt talk about in my previous post of the things I liked, is the way the ‘All Programs’ menu behaves now. The changes are great. If you recall the old programs menu, you’ll remember that you could endup having 3 to 4 panels open and if you slip your hand in the last panel, outch the entire panels would collapse and you have to select the menu,the submenu,thesubmenu of the submenu…etc

The new Tree like expand and collapse behaviour in Vista helps avoid this and it is a really good change I think.

I’ve also found this great review ofthe currentVista buildand all the previous builds are there too on the site.