Innovation & Creativity: Where did you go?

Right so it seems the hot topic of today is TradeMe’s launch of their Job listing service… This actually had me start thinking about the following. What happened to innovation? It seems to me that a lot of companies in NZ and world wide see others doing something and then going, that looks like a cool thing to do we should do that too… and then they do and we end up with multiple offerings of very very similar services, so whats the point there? Maybe there’s something I don’t get, but unless there is a significant difference I just dont see the point.

Here are some examples in different areas.

Maps: Wises, Zoomin and now Yellow Pages too
Auctions: Trademe,Zillion and 2TradeIt
Jobs: Seek, Job Stuff and now TradeMe

And some global Examples

Google, Windows Live Search
iPod, Zune…etc

I’m not denying that new market entrants can help bring innovations on existing products/services but I really think that companies should invest in new ideas and new offerings rather than go outside what they do best to offer services already offered by others.

But who knows, maybe I got it all wrong!!

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