ICANN meetings in Wellington this/next week

I read in The Press yesterdaythat ICANNwillbe meeting in Wellington from 25-31 March and that one of the things thatwill bein discussion is the registration of the .xxx domain extension. Apparently the Bush Administartion is trying to stop the realization of this domain extension. For the following reason.

“Over 6000 people made their objects by either E-mail or a letter. They are afraid the new .XXX domain extention will legitimize the porno industry.”

I’m not sure what legal consequences the realization might cause but IMO having the extension available will really make things better. The porno industry will exist regardless of it being legal or not and content willremain available on the internet. So by having the extension made available, perhapsthis could improve things in the following.

– A new law could be created to make it illegal to have adult content in any non .xxx domain
– Given the above occurs, all adult content will have to exist under the above extension
– Given that becomes the case, it will be very easy to block adult websites hence resulting in a safer internet for kids …etc