Heard of Ferrit? Well now it's here...

Ferritis now online at last. Initial rumors (at least the ones I heard) were that it will be an alternative to TradeMe. But it doesnt look anything like TradeMe yet. It looks more like a supersized online shop to me – not a bad idea either – perhaps with more products available for sale it could kick off well.

Only think I dont like from my first impressions is that they site display is a bit too busy.

*Update: *ok, I’ve just registered an account with Ferrit to check what benefits members get, well the main thing is that you can create a list of items you like and then get redirected to the store whom the product belongs to so that you can buy it. The list is also handy if you want to share it with friends and family (perhaps the reason for this is for people to find Christmas gifts …etc for others) again not a bad idea.

What I find interesting is that you cannot checkout items into a shopping cart and pay for them and get them shipped to you, so it seems ferrit is more like half an online shop. I expect another benefit of the registration is being spammedby the retailers participating in Ferrit (hopefully this wont happen!)

*Update 2: *Just refering to that last paragraph above, Ferrit will be introducing sales and more in later phases of Ferrit. Timposted about this before here