Getting Facebook & Windows Live Together, well sort of!

I’ve recently been wanting a lot to dig deeper into other areas of Windows Live that I don’t know much about and get myself to learn more about these. Of course the hard thing in moving forward with that stuff aside from motivation is thinking of an idea of something that can be done.

I think I found an answer to that today! Here’s something I’m going to try and see if I can do with or without help and I think it’s a cool idea! One that will help me learn more about Windows Live Gadgets and also Facebook!

Here’s the plan. I will attempt to get some data from Facebook and show this data on Windows Live and the idea is basically to allow you to see a little bit of your Facebook stuffon yourWindows Live homepage.

– A couple of possibilities would be perhaps status updates of friends,notifications, and also showing who’s online…

Sounds like an interesting project to work on, will see how it goes!