Back on Vista

I’m finally back up and running again on Vista with only a few more software to install. I’ve gone through a PC rebuild recently mainly because I needed a new Hard Disk.

It feels good to be back on Vista. I’m on build 5472 which makes me one build behind now. It’s hard to catch up with the downloads! and I decided I’ll wait for RC1 before my next upgrade.

Here are some of my thoughts.

– Installation time felt a little long still. From start to finish took a little over an hour.
– The non AERO UI in this build is much more appealing than the older greyish one, however, it feels like it doest match well with the black task bar.
– The first time load was quite slow but otherwise it loads at reasonable speed.
– The ‘Hour Glass’ is gone! Say hello to ‘The Ring’ (thats what I’ll be calling it!)
– Everything seems to be running just fine so far. However, I wasnt happy I had to restart the system after a couple of software installs.

It’s good to be back running AERO, after over a month away from VISTA and mainly using Win 2k3, it feels good to see some cool graphics 🙂

More thoughts later.