A new web search experience: Tafiti

A long time ago I wrote this post about Creativity & Innovation in products & service offerings in IT. Without repeating my other post; I mentioned that I find it interesting to see that big players in one area in the IT industry, such as Google in search and Microsoft in Windows & Office products start going away from their core competencies and offer additional products and services and move away from enhancing their core product (or so it seems to me anyway – not in all cases but in some) for instance, can anyone tell me what the latest major improvement / upgrade Google did to it’s search engine??

I personally don’t know if anything has changed to improve/change the search experience… Are we there yet? Is this really the best Google can do? Is this really the best Microsoft can do? Is this really the best Yahoo can do? Surely not, I’m sure there’s a long way to go.

Anyway, to get to the point of this post: yesterday I came across Tafiti a beta service from Microsoft that offers a different way to search the web powered by the new Live Search. Despite the fact that it might need a little bit of getting used to, it’s a cool way of searching IMHO, allows you to also bookmark your searches …etc. Worth trying out I think.

Live Search itself has been upgraded to a new version (will post about this in more detail soon) I particularly like how they improved the advanced search options of Live Search.